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Introducing my mystery sticker packs! These will include either 3, 6 or 10 stickers (based on your choice). All stickers included are waterproof and waterbottle approved! I use waterproof sticker paper and laminate it as well for extra durability :) **Photos shown are just some examples of my stickers! It is not guaranteed any of these will be in your mystery pack!** **Please note: the 3, 6 or 10 stickers will be chosen at random from the stickers available on my shop. No personalization is allowed on this listing** If you are looking to bundle stickers that you choose from shop please check out this link: All stickers ship free of charge. Each sticker included is sold on my shop for $3.50. You are getting a nice discount doing a mystery pack! (And its like a little surprise when you get your package!) ------------------------------------ Follow our social medias! Tiktok: @kmpaperco Insta: @kmpaperco FB: Kmpaperco