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Custom photo illustration! (also please note - I made myself blonde in the illustration haha). The print fits an 8x10 photo frame and is printed on high quality cardstock. Made by myself on procreate (drawn digitally). Great idea for a gift! In the personalization section please note what wording you would like included. This can be personalized to whatever you would like! You also do not have to include wording, but it is not an extra charge so the print will be the same price. Please note - regarding the variations please choose based on the number of "people" in the photo you are using. for example, if you have two people and 3 dogs you would choose "5 people". Each animal is an extra person. I can also combine photos if you would like that too! If you have more than 7 "people" please contact me on etsy and we can work something out :)

Please send your custom photos to my email