Starting a Sticker Shop 101

Posted by Katherine Clark on

Have you ever thought about starting a sticker shop? Well I am here to help and tell you all about my essentials I use to create stickers for you guys! 

Let's start with the essentials (and then we will talk more about some things that you may want to invest in down the line!)

1. Ipad / Apple Pencil

  • I use these to design all my stickers. There are lots of drawing apps you can download to your iPad to use with your Apple Pencil but my favorite is Procreate! I have some tutorials up on my Tik Tok about Procreate, but it is pretty intuitive! Once I design my sticker, I airdrop it to my laptop to then get made into a sticker!

2. Apple MacBook Air (or any laptop)

  • I just upgraded from an Asus laptop to a MacBook Air and I have been loving it! I use my laptop to run the Cricut design software. 

3. Cutting Machine (I use a Cricut Maker)

  • I personally am a huge fan of the Cricut series of cutting machines, but have heard great things about the Silhouette machines as well. I prefer the maker over the air due to the fact that I cut magnets using the knife blade (only compatible with the maker) but if you are only planning to make stickers, the air is a great choice!

4. Printer (to print your stickers!)

  • There are tons of printers out there, and a lot of them are great for stickers. I personally use the HP Smart Tank Plus 551. It is great on ink (I have been using it for over 4 months and haven't had to refill it yet!) and prints high quality. 

5. Sticker Paper 

  • Many people love the online labels waterproof matte sticker paper, but I prefer the Aiva Vinyl Matte Sticker Paper. It is a printable vinyl, and if you laminate them, you are able to put it through the dishwasher with no issue! 
  • I also use the Online Labels Standard Matte Sticker paper to make my sticker sheets (for journals, planners, scrapbooks).

6. Laminate (optional)

  • I laminate all my stickers, but this step is completely optional. I use oracle 651 clear vinyl as my laminate and it goes onto the sticker paper like butter. This step is completed before you cut your stickers! It also reduces scratching / makes your stickers more durable.

Those are all the necessities! Now the other stuff I use to run my shop (that is completely optional).

  • I have a thermal label printer (from Amazon, I use the Munbyn one) for printing my shipping labels. 
  • I use 5x7 craft envelopes for shipping along with cello bags and thank you cards (I print these at home on 4x6 postcard paper). 

I hope this helped! If you have any questions about starting a sticker shop drop them below or message me! 



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